Kamigata Nihonshu World 2019

Spread the wings in the world!
Here is the beginning of a new era of Sake from Naniwa!

May 4 (Sat.) & May 5 (Sun.) 2019 10:00~16:00
Minatomachi River Place

We hold 2 DAYS this year!
Look forward to more than ever upgraded Kamigata Nihonshu World!

The entrance ticket is a two-day combination ticket!

Advance tickets
Purchasing at participating izakayas, restaurants, stores and consignment shops 700 yen
Purchasing at e-plus 800 yen
Tickets at the door
Will be sold at the venue from 9:30 AM on the day 1000 yen

All the above are prices with a tax included

Who we are

We feel that something is missing when we only drink delicious Sake.
A delicious dish has got something better than being served alone.

Restaurants, izakayas, and stores which are obsessed with Sake and breweries which produce lovely Sake will gather this year once again in Osaka!

Since the launch at Osaka Tenmangu in 2010, we jumped out of Osaka Tenmangu to Minatomachi River Place last year due to the unexpectedly increasing number of visitors year by year.
And this year marks the very first year to hold this event for 2 days.
Don’t miss our world’s largest (?) and ever-growing “Sake and food feast!”

Latest updates

April 19,2019
Sake conciergeAbout Sakazukin page is now available!
April 13,2019
Other participating shopspage is now available!
April 10,2019
List of restaurants where you can buy tickets is updated!
April 5,2019
List of restaurants where you can buy tickets is updated!
March 31,2019
Participating shops & breweriespage is now available!
March 23,2019
Inquiries page is now available!
March 22,2019
チケット購入店舗一覧 page is now available!
March 21,2019
Premium seats page is now available!
March 20,2019
チケット購入についてのページ公開page is now available!
January 30,2019
Participating shops & breweries is now available!
December 31,2018

Participating shops & breweries

How to enjoy Kamigata Nihonshu World

Let’s get advance tickets at participating izakayas, restaurants, stores, consignment shops, or e+ (e-plus)!
There will be tickets at the door, but advance tickets are more reasonable (^^)
Let’s decide which day to come, May 4, May 5, or both!
It is fine to come on just one of the days. However, we recommend you to come on both days because participating izakayas, restaurants, stores and breweries change greatly and you may come 2 days with the same fee.
Come to the reception with your tickets on the very day!
You may have difficulty finding the reception if the venue is crowded. It’s on the northernmost part (facing the Dotonbori river) of the venue.
Get the special glass with Sakazukin (our event character) and the official pamphlet at the reception!
You cannot buy drinks and food without the glass (>_<) Please be extra careful not to drop or lost it.
Don’t forget to bring the glass on the 2nd day if you have participated on the 1st day!
The glass is the proof of your participation. You will need to buy a ticket at the door if you forget it.
Let’s have a strategy meeting by looking at the pamphlet!
If you have any questions, please come to the head office and ask Sake concierges.
When you settle the order, let’s go to the shop you want!
Please enjoy drinks and foods prepared only for this event by the participants’ painstaking efforts to your heart’s content.
Don’t forget to tell the breweries, “this is delicious!”
If you want to take a rest…
Look at the sky while sitting on the big stairs of River Place.
Rest in the cool air seeing the surface of the water by the Dotonbori river.
Bask in the pleasure of celebrity at the special premium seat.
Have a beer for refreshment.
Get the original and limited Sakazukin goods.
Enjoy “Osaka, the city of water” by riding on “Ofune Kamome” with the glass of Sake.

Please have a nice holidays with Sake in your own way!!!


Minatomachi River Place

1-3-1 Minatomachi, Naniwa ward,
Osaka city, Osaka